Campus Civitan

Campus Application for Charter Membership
Walden University Word (07/2017) PDF (07/2017)

Campus Civitan
Campus Civitan is the university and collegiate branch of Civitan International. This organization offers university students a rewarding and easy way to give back to their community at the university level.

While Campus Civitan is often the next step for many Junior Civitans who graduate high school, many students first hear about Civitan through their school’s Campus Civitan Club.

Campus Civitan clubs operate much like Civitan clubs, and are entirely self-governing, under the guidance of a faculty sponsor. They hold regular meetings, and hold community projects and fundraisers to benefit those in need in their schools, communities, and even around the world.

To find out more about Campus Civitan, or learn how to help charter a club in your community, contact Carmen Gorby, Campus Civitan Chair.